….according to Kelly Osborne.

I recently read an article on Kelly Osborne, daughter of Rock God Ozzy Osborne, in a fitness magazine.    She attributed her amazing body transformation to three, well four actually if you include exercise, easy steps.

1. She started eating breakfast

2. She replaced her soda consumption with plain ol water

3.  She made sure she kept her eating consistent throughout the day with a healthy snack if needed.

I was happy to read about her success in this fitness magazine because these are the exact steps that I teach patients wanting to lose weight.   These three steps are not really magic but they sure seem to work like magic in the rapid and permanent balancing of the metabolism and resultant losing of weight.

Let me explain why these steps are the real deal when it comes to natural weight loss.

Almost all of my patients who state they want to lose weight DO NOT currently eat breakfast.  Skipping breakfast allows the body to dip into a starvation mode as the last meal was taken over twelve hours previous.  When the body is in this starvation mode, the next meal that is eaten is stored by the body because it believes that it has to store calories in case it goes into starvation again.  Now imagine doing this every single day of your life……

Liquid calories in the form of soda and soft drinks are the single biggest cause of Americas obesity problem.  Period.  Why, you may ask?   It is because they raise the body’s blood sugar to exorbitant levels quickly which leads to the destruction of the normal metabolic function.  Ultra Sweet whole foods such as fruits do not raise the blood sugar to these ridiculous rates because they contain fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins which buffer the sugars present in the fruit and prevent the body’s metabolism from being thrown out of whack.

Kelly Osborne’s last secret to her weight loss, taking healthy snacks, reinforces the notion of allowing the body’s blood sugar levels to be even and normal throughout a 24 hour period.

This is the secret to real weight loss folks.  And it is not really much of a secret.  In fact it is pretty easy.   Eat real foods, throughout the day, and move your body and you shall be trim!