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New Jersey Acupuncture Patient


Having to walk with a cane and unable to climb stairs due to acute pain in my leg it was suggested I try acupuncture at the New Eastern Health Center.  After several visits, my family and friends noticed the difference as I did not complain of pain, did not use a cane and literally ran up and down the stairs.  Without the help of my miracle workers Chris Curley and Edmund Gibson at the center, I would still be limping along.  The needles did not hurt, I did not feel them going in or when they where taken out.  It was a relaxing period in my day and I would suggest others try it.  It cannot hurt, only help.  Now that I am back to normal, I am looking forward to dancing the “electric slide” at my granddaughters wedding.  

Lydia McGinty-Wildwood Crest


At each session Chris listened to my experience and then made a recommendation for treatment based on his knowledge and my comments explaining why and taking the time to educate me. Not only did I find relief from my shoulder pain, but also from other issues that surfaced during the treatment. Chris showed flexibility, curiosity, sensitivity, competence, depth of knowledge, and awe for the body as well as acupuncture. He is great. Suzanne Webb

When Chris Curley and his practice at New Eastern Health Center entered into my life I was in a very vunerable state. I contacted Chris the first week of March 2009. When I explained how I was feeling he immediately assured me that my symptoms were very common considering the time of year and the time in my life. More importantly, Chris was 100% certain he could help me to feel better. I trusted in his words and knew Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs were the best option for me. I commited to Chris’ treatment plan which was acupuncture treatments once a week for a minimum of 5 weeks. (even though this required me a 2 1/2 – 3 hour drive) Upon my first visit Chris discovered that I had high blood pressure and this was a contributing factor to how I was feeling emotionally. Chris suggested some changes in my eating habits and the use of Chinese Herbs. Over the course of the next few months we began to see substantial improvements in both my blood pressure and my emotional well being. At this point (nearly a year later) I am feeling 100% better ~ both physically and emotionally. I feel so blessed to have a professional like Chris Curley in my corner. The treatments and his support means the world to me. I am so thankful that I had the courage to take action when I knew I needed help. I encourage anyone who is considering the alternative treatment of Acupuncture to pick up the phone and contact Chris Curley. Trust me, you will be so glad you did!

Carrie J. Gamble Publisher of Grandmother’s Cookbook:Comfort Foods Made With Love www.grandmotherscookbook.com

For the first time in many years Chris has helped me make it through allergy season feeling great, sleeping well, sinuses clear and sense of smell heightened, all without medication. I just wish everyone could experience the science of acupuncture through Chris.  THANKS! Darcy Greenfield-Cape May

Under Chris’s guidance,  I have lowered my cholesterol from 300 points to 160 points Scott Oster-massagesj.com

I was diagnosed with a benign kidney tumour over a year ago.  Following Dr. Curley’s advice my most recent ultrasound revealed no trace of the growth.  My other Doctors were astounded. Claudia D-Bensalem PA

After seeing Chris just three times for the treatment of Acid Reflux,  I have been symptom free for over seven months.  Thank you, you really really helped me Cassidy Wolcott-Manhattan New York

I have used Acupuncture and Herbs for the recovery from athletic competition and for performance enhancement.  I am a believer. Bill “Ageless” Auty 2009 Open Water Lifeguard Swimming Champion(over 30 division)

I am new to the whole concept and experience of Eastern Medicine but found my entry into it to be unbelievably easy and calming due to the knowledge and practice of Chris Curley at New Eastern Health Center. I was in some horrific levels of back and neck pain that greatly hindered my daily life and the docs informed me that a good channel would be spine surgery but I knew there had to be something else out there. Welcome Chris and New Eastern Health Center into my life. With only a couple visits under my belt involving herbal introductions and accupuncture, the pain has been thoroughly alleviated along with a physical therapy regimen. I cannot be more pleased and excited about this discovery. I am SO glad that my first reaction was not to go the route of surgery. My visits to the New Eastern Health Center shall definitely be the beginning of what I know will be a continuous and healthy regimen regularly pursued in my life as a wellness program for my inner spirit and outer body. Thank you Chris!! Joseph Tenaglia Joseph Design LLC

The pain in my feet has been there for twenty years.  Last October it became so painful I was contemplating getting a wheelchair.  All the M.D.’s wanted to do was to give me pills but that did no treat the underlying problem.  On a hunch, I walked in to the New Eastern Health Center and made an appointment.  After the very first treatment I experienced immediate relief.  The pain in my feet was diminished by half.  With each treatment it lessened and walking became possible again.   Since then my overall health has improved steadily and in some cases dramatically.  For anyone thinking about acupuncture I urge you to give it a try especially with Chris Curley at New Eastern Health Center.  It has done wonders for me! Helen McCaffrey Vice Chair Advisory Commision on the Status of Women Cape May County

An office visit at the New Eastern Health Center is almost the exact opposite of going to a traditional Doctor Visit.  Instead of waiting for up to two hours to see the Doctor at the New Eastern Health Center I show up, within five minutes I am greeted for my appointment, I go in to the treatment room and spend up to a half an hour with Chris.  After my appointment I feel BETTER, than when I walked in!   This is the future of health care! Mike Popdan Handyman Services LLC

New Eastern is a phenomenal, professional, exciting health center that everyone in the area should consider, even if you have never tried acupuncture. I have known Chris for a long time but was immediately impressed w/ his knowledge, expertise and desire to help me w/ my lower back issues. Acupuncture has also helped ease the tension that has built up in my neck since having surgery for broken vertebrae as a result of a surfing injury suffered in September 2001. I wish Chris and New Eastern Health all the best !! Chad DeSatnick Desatnick Blinds and Window Treatments