A Report by Dr Hyman Engleberg M.D. published in the prestigious Medical Journal The Lancet reported that primary prevention trials have shown that cholesterol lowering drugs used in middle aged patients have shown a correlation with an increase in deaths caused by either suicide or violence.  Is this coincidental?  Possibly, however the mechanism by which this may be explained is based in basic physiology.  When cholesterol levels are low there is a pronounced decrease in the number of serotonin receptors in the brain.  Serotonin is the happy brain chemical which allows us to better handle stress.  A lowered serum cholesterol may contribute to a decrease in brain serotonin leading to higher stress levels and poor suppression of aggressive behaviours.

A similar story published in the Lancet volume 339 explores the myth that a lowfat diet will make you “feel better and increase your joy of living.”    Studies have shown that lowfat diets are associated with increased rates of depression, psychological problems, fatigue, violence, and suicide.

Food for thought……or should I say BUTTER for thought!    mmmmm   real Butter