Let me just state one thing from the very beginning.  Learning to cook healthy foods and preparing them for yourself and your family daily is the absolute best insurance policy against long term and short term disease and illness.  Period.

With that being said, while flipping around the channels the other night I stumbled across Chef Gordon Ramsay in the show Hells Kitchen.  While I did not linger on this program very long, as I found it offensive for reasons to follow I did have one rather interesting observation.

For those of you unfamiliar this show consists of Gordon Ramsay berating, belittling, and screaming at young chef apprentices while they frantically try to prepare a meal for diners in a restaurant setting.

When you prepare healthy delicious food in a relaxed content manner in your own home, the people lucky enough to eat this material and spiritual nourishment can literally feel the energy with which you have prepared this food.  It contains a little something I like to refer to as Vitamin L.  Vitamin Love.  You ever wonder why Granmas cooking tasted the best?  She put every ounce of her heart and soul in that food especially for you.

So when I observed the fledgling chefs under Gordon Ramsay hurriedly preparing various “gourmet” dishes while he screamed at them  I could not help but think about the effects that this food would have on the diners who consumed it.   I am nearly certain that most if not all of the patrons were deeply unsatisfied with the meal.  I am willing to bet that many of them had indigestion after finishing the food.  And I will bet that at least one or two of the diners had a fight with their spouse on the way home from the restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay….why does food provoke such negative and unpleasant behaviour with you?  Were you missing a few hugs from Mom in the kitchen growing up?