Baby cows fed on pasteurized skim milk develop a condition of joint stiffness and exhibit the condition of failure to thrive. When raw butter fat is added to their diet their symptoms are reversed and they go on to thrive.

A researcher by the name of Rosalind Wulzen isolated a compound that is present in raw animal fat. This compound is known as the Wulzen factor. Wulzen found that this factor protects the joints against stiffness and calcification. It also protects against the hardening of the arteries, cataracts, and calcification of the glands.

Could it be the case that butter is actually extremely beneficial to your health? Could it also be the case that much of the purported “scientific” nutritional advice of the last 50 years, which warned against the consumption of saturated animal fats in favor of margarine was dead wrong?

The delicious aroma of melting butter on my morning ezekiel toast tells me that the answers are yes, and yes.