Finally, the definitive guide to increasing your chances of becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy and happy baby.  The numbers show that infertility is on the rise, (and with the rise of genetically modified foods it is only going to become more widespread).   I treat a lot of cases of infertility here at the clinic with acupuncture.  With all of my infertility patients I really take a lot of time to discuss with them the importance of sound nutritional principles in order to not only increase their chances at becoming pregnant but also to ensure that the life that is created inside of them is healthy and vibrant and given the best possible start in life.

…enter the healthy baby code:  The healthy baby code was created by a colleague of mine Chris Kresser  out of Berkley California.   Chris maintains a fantastic blog site as well as a podcast where he examines health and wellness with a focus on nutritional protocols.  Chris is well versed in the latest research of medicine and has a very successful consulting practice where he blends the best of eastern and western medicine to help patients reach their health goals.

The healthy baby code was created out of a lecture series he was teaching locally in the bay area around the time that Chris and his Wife were pregnant with their first child.  The Healthy Baby code is a meticulously researched, hugely informative, and fun interactive way to learn how to grow a healthy baby.  If you are getting ready to conceive you owe it you not only yourself but also your future child to check this out.

Here is the link